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Daniel Shapiro, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Director of Operations for UC Davis Early Psychosis Programs,
Department of Psychiatry,
University of California, Davis

Dr. Shapiro is a clinical psychologist and the director of operations for the UC Davis Early Psychosis Program (SacEDAPT and EDAPT). He completed his doctoral training at Emory University and a specialized fellowship in the practice and dissemination of cognitive behavioral therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. He comes to UC Davis after filling similar leadership roles in Massachusetts and Georgia, deepening his expertise in the assessment and treatment of early psychosis, as well as more broad cognitive behavioral strategies for change. Dr. Shapiro is particularly interested in understanding how the things that make us each different affect the way we process and understand our experiences, then how they affect change when these ways get us stuck. He is also passionate about teaching and training in these areas and is an avid runner and music enthusiast.