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Katherine Pierce, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Psychiatry,
University of California, Davis

Dr. Katie Pierce received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with specializations in Developmental Psychopathology and Quantitative Methodology. She is particularly passionate about the early identification of psychosis and the measurement of negative symptoms such as anhedonia and avolition. Dr. Pierce has worked in a variety of research and clinical settings, and has experience working with individuals experiencing psychosis in both outpatient as well as psychiatric inpatient settings. She believes that research and clinical practice should inform one another, and is motivated to conduct research that may have direct clinical applications. Dr. Pierce is presently a Post-Doctoral Research Scholar working on the EPI-CAL project at the UC Davis Imaging Research Center. Her roles in this project include conducting data analyses for the EPI-CAL project, engaging in project outreach to early psychosis clinics throughout California, and completing fidelity assessments.